Environmental Policy 2010
Remco is fully committed to the prevention of pollution, protecting and minimising the effects of operations on the Environment.  To achieve this, the Company is developing a management system which can be externally accredited to the BS EN ISO 14001.
The system is designed to enhance environmental management and achieve continual improvement in the following areas:-
Identify the aspects of Remco Systems Ltd work that has an environmental impact. Implement environmental planning, control and monitoring of all activities which recognizes and respects the physical, economic and social environments of all the communities in which we operate.

Remco Systems Ltd will provide the necessary instruction and training to ensure employees are competent to carry out the work allocated to them.

Using resources such as energy, water and raw material efficiently and taking opportunities to minimize waste through re-use and recycling.

Working closely with customers, partners, designers, consultants, suppliers, sub-contractors and, where appropriate, members of the community to develop good environmental practices and solutions.

Liaise and co-operate with the appropriate enforcing authorities on environmental issues. Compiling with all relevant legislation will be a minimum standard. 

Ensure a timely response to complaints from third parties and the reporting of incidents and accidents.
Publish and maintain an organization and arrangements for the planning, control, monitoring and review of our management of environmental performance.
Carry out reviews of the system on a quarterly basis. The policy statement will be reviewed as a minimum on an annual basis.
Bring the contents of this policy to the attention of all employees and make the contents of this policy available to customers and the public.

The objectives of this policy can only be achieved with the cooperation of all other parties. Remco management will proactively seek the involvement of parties who may be affected by our works in particular the company employees. All employees have a vital role to play in seeing that Remco Systems are recognized as a leader in this field.
Chief Executive.
 April 2010