Chief Executive's Annual Health, Safety & Environmental Report 2010
2009 Annual Health & Safety Report
2010 has seen great improvements in Remco with regards to health and safety. Firstly and foremost it is good to be able to state that we have had no incidents that have required reporting to the Health and Safety Executive. It is also good to be able to report that during the year we have commenced identifying incidents that under other circumstances may have resulted in an accident, this a direct result of our new culture and near miss reporting system. In addition to contributing to ensuring that in future years we will not be reporting any incidents to the HSE it demonstrates that the systems are filtering through the work force.
2010 has seen a much more proactive approach towards safety within Remco Systems. Based on our policy we have set company targets and objectives which are been monitored and show good progress has been achieved. Many of the targets have required a review of our health and safety procedures and systems, which although not completed are vastly improved. It is anticipated that the improvements will continue in 2011.
As a small company we require external assistance in regards to keeping up to date with best practice and ever changing legislation. To ensure we achieve this and develop our systems we have employed the services of an external H&S advisory origination.
In the coming year we see Remco increasing in size as a company. It is anticipated that the systems will continue to improve as they develop and more people take ownership and responsibility. The emphasis next year will be to improve the safety culture and awareness among our employees in the field and work place. With the anticipated all round improvement in the systems and awareness it is hoped that next year we will as good a year as 2010 and we will be able to report another year of no reportable incidents.
2009 Annual Environmental Report
Firstly and foremost it is good to be able to state that we have had no incidents that have required reporting to the Environmental Agency or Local Authorities.
2007 has seen the initial developments of the Environmental systems. Controlling documentation has been drafted, Targets and Objectives have been set and reporting procedures implemented. These are the foundations of the system and are being completed to the programme identified within in our target dates.
The system will continue to be developed during 2009 but we do not anticipate having a system that will meet the requirements of ISO14001 until 2010.
Chief Executive.

April 2009