About Us

Company Background

Remco Systems (part of Smart Inclusion Group) was established in 1995 as a joint venture between Charter Controls Ltd and Maunsell Ltd. Since 2001 it has been privately owned. Charter Controls Ltd is a specialist company offering industrial measurement control expertise. In particular, Charter Controls has a wide range of skills and experience in telemetry, remote monitoring and computer based control systems. Maunsell Ltd (now FaberMaunsell) is one of the world's largest consultancy firms practising in civil engineering and related disciplines. FaberMaunsell provides civil and structural consultancy services through its specialist divisions covering transport infrastructure, bridges and special structures, civil engineering and buildings. FaberMaunsell focuses on providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to its clients.
 FaberMaunsell's experience extends across the full range of maintenance and repair techniques and is recognised for its work in the development of innovative repair techniques for a wide variety of structures. FaberMaunsell is committed to continuing research and development in the field of maintenance and repair and has an established track record of developing successful minimum cost repair and maintenance strategies for complex projects.
Remco has drawn on this experience to develop a versatile and economic remote monitoring and control system which has been designed to meet the needs of the maintenance and repair practitioner involved in all aspects of electrical installation works including installation of Cathodic Protection (CP) systems. Due to expansion in the cathodic protection market it became apparent there was a need for a company to offer a complete CP service including design, installation of anode, electrical installation, operation, monitoring and maintenance of the completed system.

In response to this need, Remco developed a team in order to specifically focus on the design, supply, installation, commissioning, operation and monitoring (specifically remote monitoring) and control and maintenance of CP systems.

This holistic approach to the various specialist activities that are specific to the installation of CP systems has proved to be very popular with clients.

Remco is now one of the UK’s leading CP design and supply companies and has been involved in some of the most prestigious CP projects in recent years. Remco has experience in the supply of the full range of electrochemical techniques currently utilised for the protection of reinforced concrete structures and brick or stone clad steel frame buildings and has pioneered both the implementation and installation techniques of fully remote monitoring and control systems for the Highways Agency on the Midlands motorway network.

Whilst the CP side of Remco’s operations has been developing, the company has maintained a constant presence within the full spectrum of the electrical controls sector. As a result of this Remco can offer an extensive list of bespoke services through our knowledgeable and experienced team.

In addition to the services available, Remco can also offer solutions for structural stress monitoring, bridge strike monitoring, environmental monitoring, motion monitoring (i.e. vehicular and or pedestrian traffic movement), building management systems for control of heating / lighting / ventilation and similar supported by 24 hour, 365 day bureau services.